4.17 Payroll Withholding


To establish guidelines for payment of wages and deduction from these payments for all University of Northern Iowa employees.

Policy Statement

  1. Direct deposit of wages is a condition of employment for all new hire employees.  This policy is to ensure the university’s efficient, cost effective payment of wages and is in accordance with Iowa Code 91A.3 Mode of Payment.
  2. Payroll deductions are permitted according to the following guidelines in accordance with Board of Regents Policy 2.2(3.E.):
    1. Deductions authorized by federal or state laws, or by court order.  This includes but is not limited to taxes, garnishments, and UNI parking fines.
    2. Deductions authorized by individual employees in connection with employee retirement and insurance plans approved by the Board of Regents, State of Iowa.
    3. Deductions authorized by individual employees for institution-wide contributive programs of direct benefit. This includes but is not limited to flexible spending accounts and supplemental retirement annuities.
    4. Deductions authorized by individual employees for miscellaneous amounts due the institution as permitted by Iowa Code 91A.5. This includes but is not limited to event tickets, wellness services, child care services, library fines, dining venue purchases, and parking permits.
    5. Deductions for amounts authorized by individual employees for dues for the convenience of organizations which relate to employment conditions, such as union organizations or university-wide professional organizations; and authorized contributions. Payroll deduction programs in this category shall not be initiated without 50 participants.
  3. The University shall not make any improper deductions from wages, including any deductions prohibited by federal or state law.  If an employee believes their wages have been subject to any improper deductions, the employee should report their concerns to the Payroll Manager immediately.  If the employee has not received a satisfactory response within five business days after reporting their concern to the Payroll Manager, the Director of Business Operations should be contacted.  Every report will be fully investigated and any necessary corrective action will be taken.


Iowa Code 91A.3 Mode of Payment

Board of Regents Policy 2.2.3E

Office of Business Operations, approved October 7, 2016
President’s Cabinet, approved November 14, 2016
President and Executive Management Team, approved November 21, 2016