4.12 Safety and Health Policy for Employees


The University of Northern Iowa encourages all programs to promote a safe working and learning environment for the well-being of the University community.  The University is committed to providing an environment for faculty, staff and student employees in which they can function without risk to their health or safety.

Policy Statement

All employees will be expected to perform their jobs in conformance with established safety and health standards and to utilize appropriately the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) prescribed by the university. Violations of safety standards, improper use of PPE and/or failure to use PPE as directed will be dealt with according to established disciplinary procedures.


The university shall provide Personal Protective Equipment as necessary to all faculty, staff and student employees, including part-time and/or temporary employees, identified as needing PPE to promote good health and occupational safety.  Each academic or support unit manager/supervisor will conduct a workplace hazard assessment to determine if any special protection needs to be required on a general or project specific basis.  Some staff will require annual training on specific safety topics in accordance with current regulatory requirements.  University administrators are responsible for the following:

  • Ensuring that staff receive required training on specific safety topics in accordance with current regulatory requirements.
  • Ensuring that facilities and equipment meet requirements for working safely and are in compliance with applicable rules, regulations and standards.
  • Ensuring that managers, supervisors and principal investigators have the authority and support to implement safe work practices and programs.
  • Ensuring that areas under their management are in compliance with University, State and Federal requirements.
  • Providing orientation and training to employees for equipment and safety practices.
  • Notifying Environmental Health and Safety staff when the University administrator becomes aware of a violation of any regulatory requirement or University safety policy.
  • Establishing procedure to document that required and appropriate training has been completed.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility and by supporting safety principles, each employee is supporting a safe working and learning environment at the University of Northern Iowa.

Senior Vice President for Administration and Financial Services, approved August 2015
President’s Cabinet, approved November 9, 2015
President and Executive Management Team, approved December 14, 2015
[Last reviewed and/or updated: 10/2023, 12/2017, 12/2015]