9.72 Equal Opportunity in Contracts and Services


To provide guidance regarding equal opportunity and non-discrimination at the University in the initiation of procurement purchases and contracts and in compliance with applicable federal and state non-discrimination and affirmative action laws and regulations.

Policy Statement

It is a goal of the University of Northern Iowa to provide opportunity to minority-owned, service-disabled veteran-owned, disabled-owned and female-owned businesses when purchasing items and services. The University is committed to follow Iowa Board of Regents Policy (6.C.ix) and provide contract opportunities to certified targeted small businesses (TSB’s). All laws and rules pertaining to solicitations, bid evaluations, contract awards, and other procurement matters apply to TSB’s.

The Iowa TSB program, as outlined on their webpage, is designed to help women, individuals with minority status, service-connected disabled veterans and individuals with disabilities overcome some of the hurdles to start or grow a small business in Iowa. Additional information, including instructions on how to obtain certification, can be found on the Iowa Economic Development, TSB Webpage.

Procurement Services, Office of Business Operation, approved August 22, 2018
University Council, approved November 12, 2018
President and Executive Management Team, approved December 10, 2018