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Policies and Procedures

9.72 Minority and Women Business Enterprises (Purchasing)

It is the policy of the State Board of Regents and University of Northern Iowa to provide opportunities for Minority Business Enterprises (MBE) and Women Business Enterprises (WBE) in the awarding of purchase orders and contracts. The University will encourage and facilitate the representation and participation of such businesses in the purchasing and contracting processes.

  1. Affirmative measures implemented by the Board of Regents with regard to construction contracting will be followed by the University as outlined below:

    1. The University will utilize the compiled list of MBE's and WBE's as provided by the Board of Regents in obtaining bids for contracts.

    2. The University will circulate construction notices, plans, and specifications to associations representing minority and women business enterprises to facilitate timely and responsive bidding by MBE's and WBE's for contracts end subcontracts.

    3. The Board of Regents' uniform construction bidding documents as revised in February, 1984, to accommodate MBE and WBE provisions will be used by the University to secure bids for construction contracts in excess of $25,000. The bidding documents require bidders to furnish with their bids the names of MBE's and WBE's solicited during the bidding process for subcontracts, and the low bidder to list MBE's and/or WBE's that will be awarded subcontracts, the items to be subcontracted, and the amounts of the subcontracts before a contract award is recommended to the Board of Regents.

    4. The University, in making a recommendation to the Board of Regents for a contract award, will indicate MBE's and WBE's which will be awarded subcontracts, the items to be subtracted, and the amounts of the subcontracts.

  2. The University Purchasing Officer and/or other authorized personnel will circulate requests for quotations of goods and services to MBE's and WBE's so as to facilitate timely and responsive bidding by MBE's and WBE's. Through the use of affirmative measures, MBE's and WBE's will be given the opportunity to furnish goods and services to the University by the purchase order process. The compiled list of such businesses as provided by the Board of Regents will be utilized in obtaining quotations for purchase orders. The Purchasing Officer will submit periodic reports to the Board of Regents indicating the names, addresses, and the amount of purchase orders awarded to MBE's and WBE's.

  3. The University will offer at least two seminars and programs annually to assist MBE's and WBE's in understanding the quotation and bidding procedures and requirements for participating in the contracting and purchasing processes.

Vice President for Administration and Finance