9.05 Mail Services


To identify appropriate use of Mail Center services at the University of Northern Iowa.

Policy Statement

The policies and procedures of the Mail Center are designed to insure compliance with Board of Regents, State of Iowa, and Federal rules and regulations relating to the use of United States Postal Service and campus mail services. Mail Center services exist primarily for the preparation and distribution of materials, the content of which relates to the official business of the university.


The Mail Center is responsible for on-campus distribution of domestic, international and intracampus mail and packages.  Services provided by the Mail Center are generally available without charge (except for postage) to departments, offices and recognized student and staff organizations. Postage meter charges must be billed to an institutional account. Recognized organizations without institutional accounts may utilize intracampus mail services.

Official business materials are those dealing with an aspect of the university’s operation which can be defined as being directly related to the instructional, administrative, research, or community service programs or activities of the institution as differentiated from private or personal mail.  Mail Center distribution services, according to the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, and State and Federal rules and regulations, are not to be used for the private business or personal mail or packages of university employees, nor are Mail Center equipment and distribution facilities to be available for fundraising unrelated to the university or the preparation and/or dissemination of statements on behalf of political campaigns or candidates.

Each department or unit of the university is responsible in accordance with the Operational Procedures and Regulations of the Mail Center (see link below) for determining if materials to be addressed, and/or distributed by Mail Center systems relate to official business of the university. When questions occur concerning such determination, the matter may be referred to the next level of university administration (department head, dean, vice-president etc.). Materials found within the university addressing, and/or distribution systems to be in violation of this policy will be removed immediately and affected faculty or staff members so advised.

Additional procedures regarding Mail Services are located on the Facilities Management web page at https://fm.uni.edu/mail-center.

Facilities Management, approved February 2020
University Council, approved November 9, 2020                       
President and President’s Cabinet, approved November 30, 2020
[Last reviewed and/or updated 11/2020, 8/2015, 1/2010, 2/1999]