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Policies and Procedures

9.07 Payment of Honoraria

  1. Payment should be requested on the regular requisition form.

  2. The requisition should indicate the recipient's name, social security number, complete mailing address (even if check is to be picked up), the amount of payment, and the date and nature of services. The recipient should be identified professionally also to help in auditing the payment request.

  3. No payment of honorarium or fee may be made directly to an employee of another State of Iowa department or agency. Payment to an employee of some other State agency, except for reimbursement of travel expenses, will be made to the employing agency.

  4. Reimbursement of travel expenses may be included as a separate item on the same requisition. Reimbursement of travel expenses should be in accordance with regulations for reimbursement of travel expenses to University of Northern Iowa staff and must be itemized and supported by receipts in the same manner. Any travel allowance paid as a lump sum reimbursement or that is improperly itemized or receipted will be considered a part of the honorarium fee.

  5. The Business Office will attempt to have a check prepared within three days after the requisition is received, provided it contains all of the required information and approving signatures. Any requisition that does not contain all of the required information will be returned to the initiating department.

Vice President for Administrative Services