9.08 Biological Preserves System


To establish policy with regard to the University Biological Preserves System.

Policy Statement

University land may be designated by the President’s Cabinet to be part of the University Biological Preserves System. Land so designated shall remain university land and should be consistent with the university master plan for land use.


The University Biological Preserves System shall provide various types of native Iowa ecological communities for instruction and research. The Biological Preserves System shall serve a historical function by providing tracts of native vegetation, and it shall serve as a model for reconstructing, utilizing, and managing native habitats. When land is to be designated to be part of the Biological Preserves or when existing Biological Preserve land is to be re-designated, the Cabinet will seek the counsel of the Biological Preserves Committee and other appropriate parties.

A University Biological Preserves Committee will be established by the Dean of the College of Natural Sciences in consultation with the Head of the Biology Department. The committee will establish appropriate operating and management procedures which are to be coordinated with those university units directly impacted by the procedures, approved by the Dean of the College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences and published for general university information.

Department of Biology, approved 1999
President’s Cabinet, approved January 31, 2000