9.61 Physical Plant Services

The Plant Services Department is responsible for maintenance, repairs, and minor alterations of university buildings, and the upkeep of campus grounds, utility distribution, transportation, power plants, providing custodial service, central stores, campus freight, and for special services to the faculty and administration which fall within its jurisdiction.

Work requisitions are required for all services except those involving building maintenance, minor building repairs, or emergencies. Requisitions must be routed through the Business Office to be processed. Adequate time should be allowed. Requisitions for services should be initiated at least two weeks before the work is to be done; requisitions for built-in equipment or alterations should be initiated a month (minimum time), or more, in advance of the need, depending on the size of the project.

Special assistance is offered by the Engineering Services Department in designing and planning minor alterations. A work requisition briefly outlining the need should be submitted through the Business Office. The department initiating the requisition will be contacted by an Engineering Services Department representative.

Purchase of equipment which is to be permanently attached to the building, or which will require utility connection other than 110-volt AC current, should be discussed with the Plant Services Department before the purchase requisition is submitted.

Emergencies, other than fire, should be reported immediately by telephone to the Plant Services Department (UNI Ext. 3-2682), or Security Department (UNI Ext. 3-2712) after normal hours. Building maintenance or minor building repair needs should be reported directly to the Plant Services Department through campus mail on the form headed "Request for Minor Repairs." This form is obtained at the Plant Services Department office or in departmental offices. The use of this form is reserved to items which are clearly the maintenance responsibility of the Plant Services Department. This includes buildings and building equipment, and certain general classroom furniture.

The Building Services Division is responsible for the housekeeping in all academic buildings. The custodians' duties include routine and special cleaning of all floor areas, venetian blinds, shades, light fixtures, rest rooms, and spot cleaning of walls, as well as replacement of most light bulbs and fluorescent tubes. Custodians are provided with manuals outlining assigned areas, procedures for cleaning, and frequencies that cleaning tasks are to be performed. Areas assigned are such that a conscientious worker does not have time to perform special functions for academic departments. Special and emergency custodial services are handled through the Building Services office (UNI Ext. 3-2306.), or Security Department (UNI Ext., 3-2712) after normal hours.

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