9.04 Library Privileges


To specify Library privileges available to the University community and the general public.  To specify further other Library privileges available at no cost to certain categories of persons not directly associated with UNI.  To specify further an equitable schedule of fees governing use of certain Library services by the general public and by persons not directly associated with UNI who wish to pay for use of those services.

Policy Statement

The UNI community includes graduate students, undergraduate students, distance education students, faculty, professional and scientific staff, merit staff, and Emeritus faculty/staff at the University of Northern Iowa.  Library privileges available to persons belonging to the UNI community, as here defined, and the general public are listed on the Rod Library website at https://library.uni.edu/about-us/policies/library-privileges.

Rod Library, approved February 2014
President’s Cabinet, approved November 3, 2014
President and Executive Management Team, approved November 10, 2014