5.26 - P&S Staff - Classification Plan


To outline the position classification process for non-temporary P&S positions. This policy does not apply to contract appointments in intercollegiate athletics.

Policy Statement

The University's P&S position classification plan has been established based on the relative market value of P&S positions, and is administered by Human Resource Services (HRS). The position classification plan was developed, and continues to operate, on the basis of position descriptions which identify duties and responsibilities for P&S positions. Position descriptions are prepared when new positions are established. The descriptions are reviewed annually by the manager and employee and revised as required when position duties are restructured.

A. Position Evaluation Procedure

Position description materials allow the University to complete and maintain an evaluation of P&S positions on the basis of reputable market pay data and internal position comparisons. P&S positions with similar benchmark data are grouped accordingly within thirteen pay grades or levels of compensation.

HRS completes a detailed study of all new and revised P&S positions and prepares position descriptions. Positions are then evaluated on the basis of market pay data, relevant levels of market sensitivity as well as internal comparisons such as:

  • complexity of problems to be solved;
  • minimum skills, education and experience required;
  • interpersonal relationships ordinarily involved in day-to-day activities of the position;
  • nature of responsibility exercised within the context of the overall operations of the University;
  • scope of functional and managerial responsibility exercised;
  • degree of independent action within the position functions;
  • impact of independent actions on the attainment of goals for educational programs and/or institutional development; and
  • degree of work pace, pressure, and/or stress ordinarily involved in day-to-day activities of the position

The pay grade established by HRS for a new or revised P&S position is reviewed with the appropriate department head/director/dean. If a question exists as to the grade level established for a position, the evaluation criteria will be reviewed by the HRS Director. The Senior Vice President for Finance and Operations serves as a resource for particularly difficult or significant classification issues where (1) agreement by HRS and a department head/director/dean cannot be reached and/or (2) if adopted, the classification change could affect other university P&S positions.

B. Position Classification Review Process

P&S position classifications in question may be reviewed in accordance with the following procedure.

A staff member may initiate a review of their position classification by first discussing the pay grade concern with the department head/director. If the staff member remains concerned after such discussion, they may formally request of the department head/director a review of the position. Such request shall be in writing through the completion of a Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ). The department head/director will discuss the review request with the staff member and forward the request with their written recommendation to the HRS Director within ten (10) working days (with a copy to the staff member) after receipt of the staff member's written request.

The HRS Director’s designee will consult with the affected staff member and the department head/director (and others as appropriate) concerning position duties, assignments or responsibilities in question, to clarify and revise position description information. Such preparations for the position classification review normally will be completed and forwarded to the HRS Director within fifteen (15) working days.

The HRS Director will affirm or modify the evaluation and advise the affected employee and the department head/director (dean, as applicable) accordingly within ten (10) working days. The HRS Director may, in considering a recommended position evaluation, request or consent to submission of added written or oral information and/or conduct an on-site audit of position duties. The decision of the HRS Director will be the final step of the review process. Classification outcomes will become effective the first day of month following the conclusion of the review process.

If the decision rendered by the HRS Director is acceptable to the staff member the review will be considered concluded, in which case further classification review may not be made for at least a twelve (12) month period unless it is clearly established that a substantial change in duties and responsibilities has occurred.

If the decision rendered by the HRS Director is not acceptable to the staff member, they may initiate position classification appeal proceedings. Position review actions which are not completed within the designated time limits established at each level may be advanced to the next level within ten (10) working days of the expiration of the designated time limits. The affected staff member and administrative representatives may agree in writing to extend the time limits at any level of the review procedure.

C. Position Classification Appeal Procedure

The following procedure may be initiated by a staff member to appeal a decision rendered with a position classification review action. An appeal of a position classification review action must be initiated within ten (10) working days following receipt of the HRS Director's decision at the final step of position classification review proceedings. Such appeal is to be directed to the HRS Director or designee with completion of the Position Classification Appeal form. The form is to be accompanied by a copy of pertinent position descriptions, correspondence, and like materials used during the classification review process.

The Classification Appeals Committee will review the information and render a decision within twenty (20) working days following receipt of the appeal form and materials. Time limits may be extended with position classification appeal actions upon mutual agreement of the position incumbent and the HRS Director or designee. Such extensions will be confirmed in writing.

Further classification review/appeal actions may not be taken for at least twelve (12) calendar months unless it is clearly established that a substantial change in duties and responsibilities has occurred.

D. Classification Appeals Committee

The Classification Appeals Committee is composed of five (5) voting members to be designated by each university division head. The administrators should be experienced with P&S position classification proceedings, hold annual appointments in connection with position assignments and exempt from University P&S Policies and Procedures. The committee meets on the call of the Director of HRS who serves as an ex-officio member and chairperson of the Committee. Appeals are decided by a majority vote of a quorum and a quorum consists of three or more committee members. Decisions rendered by the appeals committee will be final and will conclude the appeal process.


P&S Council, approved October 11, 2018 
Human Resource Services, approved October 17, 2018 
University Council, approved November 12, 2018 
President and Executive Management Team, approved December 10, 2018