Policies and Procedures

5.24 - P&S Policies and Procedures -- Reduction in Force Proceedings

A. Reduction in Services

In the event it becomes necessary for the University to reduce its professional and scientific (P&S) staff services as a consequence of a shortage of funds, lack of work, revision in work, unit organization, curtailment in program offerings, abolishment of position(s) or a like action, an effort will be made to accomplish adjustment of staff through attrition, rotation and reassignment of personnel, adjusted service periods, and similar means provided such steps can be arranged in a manner that will not impair the efficiency of affected service units of the University as a whole.

B. Reduction in Staff

Should further curtailment of operations be required, the below cited procedures shall be invoked by the University administration following consultation with the P&S Council when forced separation of personnel is required as a result of above noted operational conditions

C. Order of Staff Reduction

In the event it becomes necessary to reduce the number of professional scientific staff members, such reduction shall be based on program need as determined by the University and within such determination shall occur in accordance with the following standards.

1. Staff members serving with temporary and term appointments shall be subject first to staff reduction proceedings with notice of separation provided in accordance with P&S Personnel Policies and Procedures relating to appointments (Appointment and Service Status). Personnel serving with such appointments may elect to compete for vacant professional- scientific positions, but shall be given no priority consideration.

2. P&S personnel serving with part and full-time probationary appointments will be subject to reduction in staff proceedings following the separation of staff members with temporary and term appointments. Personnel serving with probationary service status may elect to be reassigned to any open P&S position provided they are fully qualified to perform the work as established with prior related University service. Staff members with probationary service status who have been separated from University service as a result of reduction in force proceedings may, in the event of an absence of separated personnel with continuing service status, be given consideration for placement prior to the initiation of normal recruitment procedures to fill a vacant P&S staff position.

3. Only after reduction in force proceedings have been made applicable for temporary, term and probationary staff members will same be effective for staff members with continuing service status. Such personnel may elect to be reassigned to any open P&S position in the system provided they are fully qualified to perform the work as established with prior related University services. Personnel with continuing service status who have been separated from active University service with reduction in force proceedings will be given priority consideration for placement when a vacant P&S position exists.

D. Standards for Staff Reduction

During periods of staff reduction the following criteria will be applied according to the appointment categories listed in the previous section of this policy statement to effect reduced staffing while maintaining an optimum level of operational efficiency. (The sequence of criteria listed does not indicate order of priority and/or importance.)

  • Present and prior related position assignments with the University.

  • Professional preparation and previous work experience related to University operations.

  • Relative skills ability and performance demonstrated with University assignments as evidenced with appraisal procedures.

  • Applicable laws and regulations.

  • University service units and/or programs directly affected.

E. Notification of Non-Reappointment with Staff Reduction

Notification of non-reappointment with reduction in force proceedings will be provided in writing following oral and written notice of such pending action. Such notification of non-reappointment will normally occur no later than thirty (30) calendar days prior to the effective date active service is to be concluded.

F. Recall

P&S personnel serving with probationary or continuing service status at the time of separation from active University service, as a consequence of staff reduction, will be eligible for recall to their same status in accordance with the following provisions.

1. P&S staff members with probationary service status may request annually in writing to be continued on the recall roster for a period equal to active service up to three (3) years. Such staff members are eligible upon application to be considered for recall for positions for which they possess the necessary professional qualifications (i.e., applicable degrees, training and experience, etc.).

2. With an annual request in writing, P&S staff members with continuing service status will be considered for vacant University positions for a period equal to active service up to five (5) years. Upon application, such staff members will be interviewed and evaluated for vacant P&S positions prior to the initiation of normal recruitment procedures. If an inactive University staff member with continuing service status is not, following application and interview, selected for an open P&S position, he/she will be advised in writing by the employing administrator as to the reason(s) for the rejection. The University administration's decision to reject placement of such a staff member is not subject to grievance proceedings.

G. General Provisions

Staff members to be interviewed for return to active service will be notified of position vacancies by the University. Notification will be by e-mail, or certified mail (return receipt requested) based on staff members request. The inactive staff member is to keep Human Resource Services(HRS) advised of his/her current telephone number, e-mail address or mailing address and recall interest, and positions in which qualification for placement is claimed. Failure to respond to a request to be interviewed for a position opening within fifteen (15) calendar days of the date on which notification is sent shall constitute a decline of notice for that position. A period of inactive service upon recall will be considered as a leave of absence for purposes of University and position service, salary, fringe benefit allowances and other conditions of employment.

Human Resource Services, approved 2012

President’s Cabinet, approved January 7, 2013