5.20 Definition- Professional and Scientific (P&S) Positions


The purpose of this policy is to define the “Professional and Scientific” (P&S) staff position category at the University of Northern Iowa and the general scope of P&S staff responsibilities.

Policy Statement

University P&S position assignments are designed to provide managerial direction, administrative supervision and/or professional service to aid in the establishment and attainment of the University’s mission, goals, and objectives.  P&S staff assist in the formulation and administration of institutional policies and aid in the execution of academic, student, and administrative services. P&S staff provide advisory and consultant services, direct a wide range of activities in a variety of departments, and render general assistance by planning, scheduling, and coordinating programs and services offered by the University.  P&S staff provide essential administrative services relating to the management of University funds, personnel, property, space, analysis of systems/procedures as well as student support programs, instructional offerings, computing services, public relations, contract administration, research activities and similar or closely related activities.

University staff serving in P&S positions have, in most instances, received training in a specialized area and hold appropriate academic degree(s) (typically a four-year degree or higher) or possess equivalent experience. P&S staff may also be certified, licensed or registered, as required, with the profession and/or position assignment.

P&S positions are evaluated individually for overtime eligibility pursuant to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and in accordance with policy 4.15 FLSA, Overtime and Compensatory Time.

The University of Northern Iowa's mission to maintain excellence in teaching, research, and public service requires the support of competent, highly motivated P&S staff. Rapidly changing technology demands that P&S staff continually update skills and knowledge within their areas of expertise. The University acknowledges the need and actively supports programs for the personal and professional development of its P&S staff.

All conditions and privileges of University employment, which have been provided in accordance with recognized University procedures, and formally communicated in writing to individual P&S staff, will be continued in effect unless otherwise dictated by state or federal law or Board of Regents, State of Iowa action. P&S staff policies and procedures with respect to conditions and privileges of University employment will be otherwise effective.

P&S Council and Human Resource Services, approved December 2021
University Council, approved April 4, 2022
President and President’s Cabinet, approved April 11, 2022 
[Last reviewed and/or updated 4/2022, 10/2016]