5.22 - P&S Staff - Position Announcements and Placement Standards

A. General Selection Procedures

Professional and scientific (P&S) position opening announcements, as well as staff selections and appointments with initial placement, promotion, transfer, voluntary reassignment and demotion, are completed in accordance with the provisions which follow.

Information concerning University P&S position openings is in accordance with affirmative action principles, communicated to potential candidates outside the institution via advertisement, placement agencies, etc. Like information is also circulated throughout the University to permit qualified persons already serving within the institution to apply. Candidates for P&S position openings are required to possess minimum placement qualifications (i.e., appropriate degree(s) or equivalent and related experience, etc.) and evidence strong potential for excellence in the position to which they are to be appointed.

The primary standard for all University P&S position placements requires that the candidate recommended be, in so far as can be determined, the best qualified applicant available for the position. Candidates for placement with P&S positions are evaluated without regard to age, color, creed, disability, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, veteran status, or any other basis protected by federal and /or state law.

B. Promotion - Transfer, Demotion, Reassignment Procedures

Promotions with University P&S position openings occur primarily on the basis of a staff member's professional growth and development as evidenced with successful performance in connection with prior duty assignments. Promotions reflect actual as well as future potential contributions toward fulfillment of the University's mission.

P&S staff members who accept promotion, transfer, reassignment or demotion while serving with probationary status complete such position assignment in accordance with provisions applicable with a probationary appointment. Staff members holding continuing service status complete such a position assignment in accordance with provisions applicable with a provisional and/or annual appointment.

P&S staff members who hold continuing service status and, following promotion, transfer, demotion, or reassignment and a period of provisional service, do not gain continuing status with respect to the new position assignment, re-assigned or separated from University service in accordance with proceedings applicable with the Provisional Appointment and Notice of Non- Reappointment - Provisional Appointment provisions. University personnel who hold permanent status under the Regents Merit System and do not, following promotion, transfer, demotion, or reassignment within the P&S staff group may be returned to his/her former position provided an opening exists. If the former is not available, the staff member will be assigned to a comparable position, the duties of which he/she is qualified to perform.

Human Resource Services, approved 2012 
President’s Cabinet, approved January 7, 2013