Resident Director Responsibility

The allocation of all positions to general classes shall be the responsibility of the Resident Director.

New Positions

The Resident Director shall investigate and analyze the duties assigned to every new position.

Procedure to Establish New Position

The following steps are to be completed (in order) to establish a new position.

  1. When it is determined that a new position may be warranted, the Department Head should "outline" the duties and responsibilities.
  2. The department should then contact the Personnel Services Office to review same. Through this conversation, the Personnel Services Office will be able to determine the "tentative classification" for the position and will assist in the specificity of the duties and responsibilities. The Department Head will submit written request to Personnel Services to start the process to establish the new position.
  3. The Personnel Services Office will forward to the Department Head the "Request for Appointment Authority" form.
  4. The Department Head will complete the form and route accordingly for approval.
  5. When Personnel Services receives the completed and approved "Request for Appointment Authority" form, the position will be advertised. The Department Head will be contacted prior to the advertising to determine if additional information is needed. From this point, the approved procedures used for filling all Merit System positions will be followed.
  6. Six months from the date the position is filled, the Personnel Services Office shall review the position to determine the accuracy of the allocation to general class. Steps 1-9 of the "Procedure to Review Position Allocation" shall be followed to complete the formalizing of the new position.

Effective Date of New Position

The effective date for new positions shall be the date which precedes or coincides with the date the position is filled or is to be filled. This date shall be determined by the Resident Director and shall be designated so as to coincide with the payroll procedure.

Current Positions

The Resident Director may investigate and analyze the duties assigned to every current position (vacant or filled). The Resident Director may request at any time that the position description of any position be updated, so as to determine appropriate classification.

Procedure to Review Position Allocation

The following steps are to be completed (in order) to review a position allocation.

  1. The request to review a position allocation shall be submitted to the Personnel Services Office in writing and should be accompanied by a current position description that sets forth the actual and essential duties and responsibilities for the position at the time of request.

Note: Such requests may be submitted by the employee or the Department Head. If submitted by the employee the request should come through the Department Head with any appropriate comments on the position description.

  1. Upon receipt of the written request and the current position description, the Resident Director will contact the Department Head to arrange for a "desk job audit." A representative of the Personnel Services Office will come to the worksite to review and discuss with the employee the job duties anda responsibilities.
  2. During the "Desk Job Audit," the employee and Personnel Services representative shall determine the exact duties being performed.
  3. The Personnel Services representative shall write the position description on the appropriate form and return it to the Department Head for approval by the Department Head and the employee.
  4. After receipt of the formal position description, the Department Head will return the position description to the Personnel Services Office representative, either approved and signed by both the employee and the Department Head or with the appropriate comments and/or suggestions.
  5. Steps 4 and 5 above will be repeated until there is a formal position description approved. This process, however, must be completed within 45 days.
  6. After receipt of the approved formal position description, the Personnel Services Office will conduct their internal review to determine their recommendation of allocation to a general classification and will communicate such to the Board of Regents Merit System Director for approval. Copy of this communication will be sent to the Department Head and employee.
  7. Upon receipt of the decision of the Merit System Director, the Department Head and employee will be notified.
  8. If the employee is not satisfied with the allocation of the position to a general classification, an appeal may be made to the Classification Review Committee, as prescribed in the appeal process.

Effective Date of a Position Reallocation

The effective date for a position reallocation shall be determined by the Resident Director and shall be such that it would coincide with the payroll procedure and other Regent Merit System rules and regulations.

Compensation for a Reallocated Position

Positions that are reallocated to a class in a higher pay grade shall be treated in the same manner as a "promotion." In the event of a lower classification being determined as appropriate for the position, the rules for "Pay on Demotion" 3.39(4) will apply. If the position is assigned to a classification in the same pay grade, "Pay on Transfer" 3.39(7) will apply.

Class/Review Date

In the event of a position recommendation, the employee's "class date" would be changed to the effective date of the reallocation of the position to new class. If the position is assigned to a class in a higher pay grade, the Merit review date will be computed from the effective date of the promotion (for purposes of Merit System pay increases).

These rules are based on and in compliance with the Regents Merit System Rules and are subject to change.

Vice President for Administrative Services