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Policies and Procedures

5.15 Merit System Personnel Discipline and Dismissal

University Merit System personnel may be subject to disciplinary action (i.e. discharge, suspension pending discharge, suspension, reduction in position and grade, or written reprimand) for any of the following just causes:

Failure to perform assigned duties, inadequacy in performing assigned duties, negligence, inefficiency, incompetence, insubordination, unrehabilitated alcoholism or narcotics addiction, dishonesty, any act or conduct which adversely affects the employee's performance or the University.

Disciplinary actions will be taken in accordance with applicable Regents Merit System Rules (Section 3.116 (19A) Disciplinary Actions) and appropriate collective bargaining Agreement provision (Article IV, Section 9 - Grievance Procedures - Discipline and Discharge.)

An administrative supervisor/academic department head may, for just cause, immediately suspend a merit system employee pending a formal discharge. A suspension pending discharge action is effected with or followed immediately by a letter to the suspended employee identifying conditions necessitating suspension and recommended discharge, a copy of which is directed to the administrative director/academic dean and the resident director of the Regents Merit System. The administrative director/academic dean and resident director will together, within ten (10) days, investigate conditions causing the suspension to be initiated, conduct an oral hearing if needed and take appropriate action on the recommended discharge. An employee may, upon written request, appeal a suspension pending discharge, directly to the department head prior to completion of a normal discharge action. Once discharge from University service has occurred, the dismissed employee may appeal directly to Step 3 of the Regents Merit System grievance procedure or as applicable at the same step level with the appropriate collective bargaining Agreement.

Vice President for Administrative Services Approved, 1981