8.11 Energy Efficiency


The purpose of this policy is to manage energy and utility consumption across campus by implementing sustainable practices and procedures. This is to include the use of electricity, natural gas, and fuel oil for all campus buildings and utilities.


For the purpose of this policy, the cooling season is from mid-May to mid-September and the heating season is from mid-September to mid-May. 

General operating hours of the University for purposes of this policy are established at 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday.  Specific building operating hours ("occupied cycles") will be established for each building as part of the University Energy Conservation and Management Plan.

The general building heating space temperature set point is established as 68F to 70F during occupied cycles.  For unoccupied cycles the set point will generally be at 60F.

The general cooling space temperature set point is established as 74F to 76F during occupied cycles. For unoccupied cycles the set point will generally be at 85F.

During non-operating hours, holidays, and weekends, the temperatures may be adjusted to be as low as 60F during winter and as high as 85F during summer.  The building fans will be shut off or cycled on and off to maintain the adjusted setback temperatures and conserve energy.

Use of Space Heaters:

Space heaters will not be allowed in campus buildings unless approved by the appropriate Division Vice President.  If a Vice President approves the use of a space heater, it must have an Energy Star rating and also be approved by the Energy Management unit. 

Environment Exception:

Requests to deviate from the building heating and cooling set points or to request the use of a space heater shall be submitted on an Environmental Exception Request  (MS Word Download) and forwarded as specified to the Division Vice President for approval.  The Division Vice President will approve or disapprove of the request and forward a copy back to the individual and to the Energy Management unit in Facilities Services.

Facilities Services, approved March 5, 2009
President's Cabinet, approved November 13, 2009