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Policies and Procedures

8.05 Display of Posters, Announcements, etc.

Posting of announcements, advertisements, etc., shall occur only on "open" bulletin boards located in buildings or on specifically constructed or erected outdoor structures such as kiosks.

"Open" Bulletin Boards
Unless a bulletin board is marked for a restricted use such as a specific academic unit or organization, they are "open" and available for posting general announcements. "Open" bulletin boards are to be found throughout academic buildings and on outdoor kiosks.

Restricted Bulletin Boards
Bulletin boards or sections of outdoor kiosks identified for the use of a specific department, college or organization are the responsibility of the respective unit head. Permission of the unit head should be obtained to use these bulletin boards.

Outside of Building
Requests to display a banner or poster of any kind outdoors on other than a kiosk must be made in writing to the Facilities Planning Office. Items displayed without noted authorization and date of expiration are prohibited. The display/distribution of literature, flyers, announcements, etc. on automobile windshields, trees and sidewalks is also prohibited.

Other Facilities
The display of posters and announcements in residence halls, dining centers, Family Housing areas, Maucker University Union, and the UNI-Dome is regulated by the directors of these respective areas. Any person or organization wishing to display an announcement in these areas should contact the appropriate departmental office for the conditions under which they may be displayed.

Improper Display
Maintenance personnel are directed to remove all types of advertising or announcements in buildings or outdoors that (1) are not displayed in an authorized place or (2) are out of date. The organization or individual(s) who violate this policy may be billed for the costs of removal and clean-up.

Vice President for Administration and Finance Approved, 1/91
President's Bulletin, No. 146, 4/10/91