8.02 Facilities Use


As a public institution, the University of Northern Iowa seeks to be accessible to the larger community.  The University welcomes community groups and organizations to utilize designated spaces in certain facilities for purposes compatible with the University’s mission and strategic goals.  As part of its service mission, the University makes facilities available to various groups and activities when the facilities are not in use for teaching, research or regular university functions. 


The primary purpose of the facilities at the University of Northern Iowa is to support the educational mission and strategic goals of the University.  The purpose of this policy is to determine priorities for facilities usage, to define scheduling procedures and establish charges associated with event management and facility usage.

Policy Statement

 It is university policy to make university facilities available to external users and events that are consistent with the role of the University as a public institution.  Permission to use university facilities shall be granted to non-university groups when such use does not interfere with the instructional program or with regular university functions.


Responsibility for Program, Activity and Scheduling Management

  • Scheduling and assignment of instructional space will be by the Office of the University Registrar in collaboration with the appropriate departments.
  • Scheduling and assignment of Maucker Union meeting spaces, Lang Hall Auditorium, Gilchrist Hall meeting spaces  and outdoor events spaces will be by the Director, Student Life & Event Services, Maucker Union or designee.
  • Scheduling and assignment of the Gallagher-Bluedorn Performing Arts Center non-instructional spaces will be by the Associate Dean Outreach and Special Programs/Executive Director GBPAC or designee.
  • Scheduling and assignment of the UNI-Dome, McLeod Center, West Gym athletic facilities and outdoor track will be by the Deputy Athletic Director for Internal Operations or designee.
  • Scheduling and assignments of meeting spaces in the Wellness/ Recreation Center, tennis courts, west fields, and Bender field will be by the Director of Recreation Services or designee.
  • Scheduling and assignment of the Commons meeting spaces (Slife Ballroom, Georgian Lounge, and Commons Porch) will be by the Assistant Vice President & Executive Director, University Housing & Dining or designee.
  • Scheduling and assignment of Center for Multicultural Education spaces will be by the Director of the Center for Multicultural Education or designee.
  • Scheduling and assignment of Redeker Center and Towers Center non-instructional spaces will be by the Executive Director, University Housing & Dining or designee.
  • Scheduling and assignment of Library instructional and non-instructional spaces will be by the Dean of the Library or designee.

Groups Authorized To Use Campus Buildings and Grounds

The University may allow use of its facilities to individuals and non-university organizations when such use does not interfere with the instructional program or with regular university functions.   An appropriate rental fee, direct costs for services rendered, and/or other usage fees may be assessed to non-university groups.   All charges and fees will be applied according to the sponsoring group’s status as defined below.

Facility User Groups are defined as follows:

“A” Group: Recognized university groups including all faculty, staff, departments/schools   and recognized student groups associated directly with the University and engaged in university business for primarily a university audience.

“B” Group: Recognized university groups (See Group A) charging admission, registration fees, meal fees, or generating funds in any manner before, during or after an event.  This includes events (i.e. camps, conferences, seminars, meetings) that are sponsored or co-sponsored by university departments or members that are related to university activities.

“C” Group: All groups not affiliated with the University, including all for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, corporations, businesses, clubs and individuals not associated with the University.  This includes events (i.e. campus conferences, seminars, meetings) that do not earn revenue for the University and are sponsored or co-sponsored by university departments or members, but not related to university business.

  1. “A” and “B” Groups may generally use university buildings and grounds for either no charge or reduced rates.  Fee schedules will be established for each facility according to the Facility User Group categories above.

    “C” Groups, in addition to the above referenced charges, may be charged staff costs, security costs, rental fees, ticket fees, house management, cleaning costs and other relevant charges. Maximizing revenue generation may determine the priority for use.
  2. Charges

    Fees assessed to facility user groups will generally be established by the manager(s) of a facility in consultation with their direct supervisor.

  3. Documentation of agreements

    Documentation for all groups using facilities will be required in the form of confirmation correspondence, memorandum of services, facility use agreements, or contracts (including boiler plates or riders).
  4. Facility Reservation

    Facility reservations may be made by contacting the administrative department responsible for the facility desired.   An individual must be designated who will be held accountable for adhering to all university policies, the safety of the persons attending the event and the preservation of the facility.

    1. No organization or person may reserve space on behalf of another organization or person.  Organizations may not transfer reservations to another individual or organization and must be the primary user of the space for the event.
    2. All facilities must be scheduled in advance and must receive written or electronic confirmation.

Use of Buildings and Grounds Outside Standard Operating Hours

The use of university buildings and grounds outside established operating hours may require the presence of custodial, grounds and/or building maintenance staff or university police for facility support and supervision.  Staffing requirements will be made by the director or designee of the facility being reserved, the Director of Physical Plant or designee, and/or the Chief of Police/Director of Public Safety or designee.   Charges may be assessed to the reserving organization or individual.

Non-University Events

  1. Insurance

    The user of the university facility ("Licensee") shall obtain a comprehensive general liability insurance policy or personal liability insurance policy, at its sole expense, which provides coverage for the University, the Board of Regents/State of Iowa, the State of Iowa and their employees and agents.  The policy shall be written on an “occurrence” (not “claims made”) basis and shall include Products Hazard coverage and a Broad Form General Liability inclusion or equivalent.  The policy shall have a minimum combined single limit of $1,000,000 (for bodily injury and/or property damage).  The minimum amount of insurance coverage required under this Agreement may be adjusted as determined by the University’s Director of Risk Management, University Counsel or designees.  The University of Northern Iowa, the Board of Regents/State of Iowa, the State of Iowa and their employees and agents shall be named as Additional Insureds on the comprehensive general liability insurance policy.  In addition, the insurance policy shall obligate the carrying company to give the University written notice ten (10) days in advance of any reduction in the amounts of liability coverage, cancellation of the policy or other changes.

    The insurance policy shall be issued by a financially responsible insurer lawfully authorized to do business in the State of Iowa.  The insurer must be approved by the University.  The University will notify Licensee of the University’s approval or disapproval within ten (10) days of receiving notice of the identity of the insurer from Licensee.  Licensee must file with the University, not fewer than ten (10) days prior to Licensee’s use of the University facilities, a standard certificate of insurance or evidence of insurance evidencing that the insurance policy will be in full force and effect during the period of use of the facilities.

    The University, at its option, may waive or adjust any requirements as to insurance.  Any such waiver or adjustment must be in writing and signed by the University’s Director of Risk Management, University Counsel or designees.

  2. Police Services and Parking Fees

    The University, in consultation with event planners and facility managers, retains final control of all decisions related to public safety within campus jurisdiction.

    The University Police Chief/Director of Public Safety or designee will exercise final authority in determining security personnel needs or determining the viability of an event if it will potentially impact the safety of the campus.

    Guests visiting the campus may be charged for parking.

  3. Responsibility

    All groups are required to comply with campus policies and regulations, the policies and regulations of the facility being used, and all applicable local, state and federal laws, and will be held responsible for any damages to or theft of university property. 

Senior Vice President for Finance and Operations, approved August 25, 2015
President’s Cabinet, approved October 3, 2016                          
President and Executive Management Team, approved October 10, 2016