8.08 Roof Access


The purpose of this policy is to ensure safe access to building roofs.

Policy Statement

The University of Northern Iowa will take a safety-first approach to roof access in order to minimize potential exposure to chemicals, radio frequency hazards, electrical hazards, fall hazards, and all other serious recognized hazards for personnel who are working on, inspecting, or evaluating roofs.  For this reason all building roofs are evaluated by Facilities Management in consultation with the Office of Risk Management and Environmental Health and Safety, and classified according to the hazards present. 

Only authorized personnel with Roof Access Program training may access university building roofs not evaluated and classified for public access.  Non-authorized personnel and guests are to be escorted by an authorized person at all times.  Access may be denied due to adverse weather conditions.  Only activities related directly to University or departmental business may be conducted on roofs.  No one less than eighteen (18) years of age is allowed on any roof that has not been evaluated and classified for public access. 


The roof access program is outlined on the University’s website at:  https://risk.uni.edu/roof-access-program.  All employees and non-employees must conform to the procedures outlined therein.

Facilities Management, approved April 1, 2019
University Council, approved November 4, 2019
President and President’s Cabinet, approved November 11, 2019