Policies and Procedures

7.09 Cooperation with Law Enforcement Officers on Campus

The University recognizes its responsibility to cooperate with law enforcement officers whose duty it is to question students or staff members or to serve warrants on, or make arrests of, student or staff members for violations of the law.

  1. Law enforcement officers seeking to contact a student or staff member on the campus are to first contact the Public Safety Office. The Public Safety Office has been designated to serve as liaison between the University and external law enforcement agencies.

  2. When law enforcement officers seek to contact a student or staff member, the Public Safety Office shall inform them that it is University policy to assist officers in either of two (2) ways, but that the first approach is preferred by the University:

    1. The Public Safety Office will contact the student or staff member, inform him/her of the presence of the officers and the reason(s) for their presence (e.g., to question, to serve a warrant, to arrest), and will request the student or staff member to come to the Public Safety Office in order to avoid embarrassment or disturbance in a classroom or residence hall.

    2. If the officers themselves wish to contact the student or staff member, the Public Safety Office will provide the officers with assistance in locating the individual and will offer a University Public Safety Officer to serve as an escort while the law enforcement officers are on campus.

  3. It will be the responsibility of the Public Safety Office to notify those persons in the administration who are concerned about the student(s) or staff member(s) with whom law enforcement officers have contact:

    1. Instructional faculty--dean of the appropriate college and Office of Academic Affairs.

    2. Physical Plant staff--Director of Plant Services and Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance.

    3. Dining Service employees--Associate Director of Dining.

    4. Residence hall or university apartments staff--Director of Residence.

    5. Administrative assistants, technicians in administrative offices, etc.--the appropriate administrator in charge of the area in which the staff member is employed.

    6. Students--Office of the Vice President for Educational and Student Services.

These policies and procedures pertain only to on-campus contact between law enforcement officers and students or staff. Students or staff contacted off-campus by law enforcement officers are subject to the policies and procedures of external law enforcement agencies.

UNI Faculty Senate Approved, 2/10/69