7.02 Accident/Injury Reporting


Establish a policy and process for collecting and tracking information on personal accidents and injuries.

Policy Statement

A written report of an accident or personal injury occurring on University property or elsewhere will be completed if the injured party is an employee, student or visitor acting in accordance with his or her duties or involved in a university sponsored activity. Accident reports will be submitted to the Public Safety Office.


Employee: An "Workers' Compensation--First Report of Injury or Illness" must be completed and submitted to the department head or designee and forwarded to HRS. "Employee" includes students injured while serving as an employee. (See "Job Related Injuries" below).

Student: An "Illness/Injury Report" shall be completed and submitted by the individual (or designee) responsible for the activity/area in which the accident or injury occurred (e.g. Resident Assistant, Maucker supervisor, Wellness Center Supervisor, instructor, etc.). Where uncertainty exists, Public Safety should be contacted. A student serving as an employee should be treated as an "Employee" (see above).

Others: For individuals not classified as either an employee or a student, Public Safety should be contacted to conduct any necessary investigation and prepare the "Illness/Injury Report."


Liability Claims

University personnel should not, under any circumstances, answer questions or make any statements regarding university responsibility or coverage for injuries. Individuals asking questions should be referred to the Director of Risk Management. 

Job Related Injuries

Employees injured on the job are generally covered by Iowa Workers’ Compensation. However, they must immediately report any injury to their supervisor or department for this coverage to be effective.

Preliminary Injury Screening

The Health Center may be used for evaluation and treatment or referral if the injury occurs on campus and during their normal hours of operation. If treatment is necessary, the University’s designated provider must be used.


An "Illness/Injury Report Form" or "Workers' Compensation--First Report of Injury or Illness" form is available at the following locations: Health Center, Human Resource Services, Deans Offices, Physical Plant, Public Safety and UNI web pages.


Workers Compensation:  Human Resource Services @ 273-6164

Director of Risk Management @ 273-3189

See also UNI Risk Management - "Incident Portal" webpage

General Public Safety: University Police Department @ 273-2712

See also:  Legal Affairs

HRS,  Risk Management and Public Safety approved January 1999;

(Last reviewed, October 2017)
Vice President for Administration and Finance approved, January 1999
President’s Cabinet approved, March 1999