7.06 Criminal Trespass


To establish guidelines for issuing trespass warnings and making arrests for trespassing, and to outline follow-up procedures for violations of trespass warnings. ("Trespass" is defined and penalties identified in the Code of Iowa).

Policy Statement

Trespass warnings ("No Trespass") may be issued by the Public Safety Department or the Housing & Dining Department. When deemed appropriate to enhance the safety of the campus or as a preventative measure, arrests for trespassing may be made by Public Safety.


  1. An individual may be placed on "No Trespass" by the Director of Public Safety (University Buildings and Property) or the Director of Residence/Housing (Residence Facilities) or their designees when one or more of the following conditions exists.
    1. The person is arrested for committing a crime on University property
    2. The person is found in a University building after normal hours of operation or in a residence facility in violation of Residence System regulations (e.g., only residents of a specific residence facility have a right to be in the facility).
    3. The person’s presence on University property represents a threat to the University community.
  2. An individual may be placed on "No Trespass" for a specific building or buildings, or the University campus.
  3. Adults: Failure to comply with a verbal or written trespass warning may result in arrest.
  4. Juveniles: Failure to comply with a warning will result in verbal notification to parents or legal guardians and/or charges being filed with juvenile authorities.
  5. The Public Safety Department is designated as the repository for offenses/complaints/incident reports on all reported trespass incidents.

Public Safety, approved January 1999
President’s Cabinet, approved March 1999