7.07 Traffic and Parking


To establish operational policies for the management and control of parking lots and vehicular traffic on campus.

Policy Statement

All faculty, staff and students who intend to use the campus parking facilities at any time shall display a valid and current parking permit and park in the designated parking lot(s) consistent with their permit designation. Faculty, staff, students and visitors are expected to know and to comply with the State of Iowa motor vehicle laws and with University traffic and parking regulations.


  1. Applications for parking permits for various periods of time including temporary and temporary handicapped can be obtained from Public Safety. Parking permit fees vary according to the type and location of the lots.
  2. Parking meters are available at various locations around the campus to accommodate short-time parking needs. A parking permit is not required at a meter. Visitors may obtain a free daily parking pass at the Visitors Center (University Ave. entrance) or the Conferences and Visitors Center (Hudson Road & 27th St.).
  3. Hosts/Sponsors of Conferences and special events on campus shall coordinate parking needs and locations with Public Safety in advance of the event.
  4. Traffic and Parking regulations are reviewed and updated annually. A copy of the regulations may be obtained from Public Safety.

Other References:

Public Safety Office, 273-2712

Regents’ Procedural Guide - Traffic and Parking.

Vice President for Administration and Finance, approved January 1999
President’s Cabinet, approved February 8, 1999