7.03 Bomb Threats


To establish procedures for responding to bomb threats.

Policy Statement

All bomb or other threats affecting University facilities shall be reported to the Public Safety Office immediately. Public Safety shall act in a manner aimed at minimizing the potential for injuries, damage to property and disruption of university operations.


  1. Threats in writing: Notify Public Safety immediately by telephone.
  2. Threats by telephone: The individual receiving the message should try to obtain as much information as possible taking particular note of any unusual aspects of the caller’s voice. Notify Public Safety immediately.
  3. If an object is found that could be a bomb: Notify Public Safety immediately. Do not attempt to move the suspicious object or to tamper with it in any way.
  4. The Public Safety Office representative in charge shall initiate the response protocol identified in their operating procedures. The priority of response generally will be to secure the building/area, obtain initial information and determine a response plan.
    1. Evacuation of a building will be ordered and enforced only if there seems to be a genuine threat to the safety of individuals in the building. Should the building not be evacuated, any inspection will be made as inconspicuously as possible.
    2. Custodians, secretaries, and other members of building staff who can ordinarily recognize an object which has not been in a room previously and can be especially helpful in a building search may be asked to assist in a building search.

NOTE: Campus bombing and initiating false bomb threats are federal crimes and will be vigorously prosecuted.


Bomb Threat Checklist

Public Safety, approved January 1999
Vice President for Administration and Finance, approved February 1999
President’s Cabinet, approved February 1999