13.21 Youth Activities, Pre-Collegiate Programs and Camps


As part of its educational mission the University of Northern Iowa is involved with many programs that include children, including those programs sponsored by external organizations using university facilities.  In offering such programs the university places the highest priority on the protection and safety of children participating, compliance with federal, state, Board of Regents, State of Iowa and University policies relating to the reporting of child abuse, and following operational guidelines as they relate to youth on campus. 

Policy Statement

All organized youth activities, pre-collegiate programs, and camps, including academic, athletic and recreational camps, student organization events, workshops, lessons, and/or programs held on University property or utilizing the university’s name or resources must be authorized by the appropriate Dean (for activities and programs sponsored by faculty or staff in academic affairs), by the Athletic Director (for athletic or sports camps), or by the appropriate Division Head for all other programs.  This includes contractually arranged third party youth programs and youth programs sponsored by university student organizations for the purposes of service or fundraising.

Only programs that have completed and documented the approval process may be advertised.  Programs must comply with rules of Trademark licensing and university marketing as it relates to the use of the university name and trademarks.

The university recognizes that there are a wide variety of opportunities for youth to engage in campus activities and not all are appropriate for this policy.  However, each area is required to follow the Procedures (see Resources below) and it is strongly encouraged that each department involved in any program or activity where children may be expected participants develop and follow a written set of guidelines appropriate to their area(s) and which meet the minimum requirements set forth in this policy. Youth/children is defined as an individual under the age of 18 and not enrolled in classes at UNI.

Scenarios not considered referenced in this policy include:

  • UNI credit bearing courses for which a student under the age of 18 is enrolled.
  • Youth visits (individuals or group) for activities not initiated or supervised by UNI faculty or staff (e.g. visits to the Library, field trips sponsored by schools or organizations,)
  • Performances or events open to the general public (e.g. athletic events, concerts, lectures, plays, etc.)
  • Office of Admissions or other departmental recruiting visit programs or pre-matriculation programs which involve youth visits to campus accompanied by parents or guardians.  Overnight campus visits related to recruiting shall only be allowed if the sponsoring department has a written set of guidelines and follow the Procedures associated with this policy.
  • UNI research projects with youth participating as human subjects. The Institutional Review Board is responsible for these policies and guidelines.
  • Academic curriculum activities that include UNI student interaction with youth (eg: Child Development Center, Speech and Hearing Clinic, etc.) Such programs will, however, insure that background checks are completed for anyone working with youth.
  • Practicum, teacher preparation and student teaching activities. However, such programs will insure that background checks are completed for anyone working with youth.
  • Programs that are discrete, occasional events for which large numbers of volunteers are essential (e.g.  Kaleidoscope, etc.) However, such programs will develop measures to oversee large numbers of volunteers with trained supervisors and will not allow one-on-one contact as defined in the Procedures.  Names of all volunteers will be checked against the sex offender registry and volunteers will sign in to the activity with a photo identification.
  • Events contracted with University facilities by individuals or organizations where minors may be present (e.g. weddings, prom, etc.)
  • Programs/competitions in which schools or other agencies bring participants to campus for participation (e.g. speech contest, jazz festival, etc.)
  • Incidental visits by youth with UNI faculty or staff (e.g. job shadow, experiential learning, interviews, etc.)  These activities are subject to the Protection of Children in the Workplace Policy. 

Programs not in compliance with this policy may be denied permission to continue at the University of Northern Iowa.  Violations of this policy by employees of UNI may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Additional Resources:

Duty to Report Child Abuse Policy:  http://www.uni.edu/policies/1320

Procedures for Youth Activities, Pre-collegiate Programs and Camps: http://www.uni.edu/policies/youth-activities-pre-collegiate-programs-and-camps-procedures

Protection of Children in the Workplace Policy: http://www.uni.edu/policies/1322

Equal Opportunity and Non-discrimination Statement: http://www.uni.edu/policies/1303


University Counsel, approved July, 2013 
President’s Cabinet, approved December 9, 2013 
President and Executive Management Team, approved December 19, 2013