3.16 International Students Health Insurance Policy Requirements


This policy establishes requirements for health insurance for international students at the University of Northern Iowa.

Policy Statement

The University of Northern Iowa requires international students entering the University purchase the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) provided by the Student Health Clinic.


  1. International students will be automatically enrolled in SHIP and billed for SHIP on their university bill for each semester they are registered in classes or for each month they are present on campus as an enrolled student.
  2. International students may choose to add their dependents to their health insurance policy at an additional cost.
  3. Exceptions allowed under this policy:
    • International students with foreign government-sponsored or corporate health insurance (e.g., SAUDI Mission insurance, Kazakhstan insurance, John Deere & Co. Insurance, and other comparable insurance approved by the UNI Student Health Clinic ). Students who have coverage which is sponsored by the aforementioned agencies must provide documentation to the Student Health Clinic by the tenth class day of each semester.
    • International students enrolled in a custom program for eight weeks or less who have insurance approved by the host department.

Student Health Clinic, approved January 7, 2019
University Council, approved February 25, 2019
President and Executive Management Team, approved March 4, 2019 
[Last reviewed and/or updated 3/2019, 4/2012]