11.02 Fertilizers, Herbicides and Pesticides

The University of Northern Iowa recognizes the benefit and strategic advantage that is attained through the development and maintenance of high-quality campus environments at the University.

The landscape emphasis will be placed on cultural, mechanical, and biological controls that promote plant health and vigor with minimal reliance on the use of herbicides and fertilizers.

In buildings, the emphasis will be placed on State Health and Safety Codes affecting sanitation and management practices (integrated pest management) to reduce harborage for pests and minimize the use of pesticides.

Herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers used shall be those judged to be least harmful, based on available information. Applications shall be scheduled only when needed, and targeted so as to maximize their effectiveness while minimizing exposure and potential negative environmental effects. They shall be stored, mixed, and applied in accordance with recognized safety guidelines.

President's Cabinet, approved May 1993
President's Bulletin, No. 149, September 27, 1993