11.01 Environment

The University of Northern Iowa aspires to be environmentally responsible. We promote and seek to achieve the wise use of energy and natural resources within the University and the community.

The University of Northern Iowa seeks to influence constructively the decisions and actions of society. The University promotes the inclusion of environmental considerations in its teaching, research, and public service, in an effort to assure that students, faculty and staff become aware of environmental issues that affect their disciplines and their personal lives. The University encourages the development of environmental knowledge through research, curriculum development, and outreach. The University actively promotes the open exchange of information about the environment and its physical, social, cultural and economic implications.

The University of Northern Iowa strives to conduct its operations in a manner that accounts for the environmental and social costs of each activity. In matters affecting the health and safety of its members and of the general community, the University will strive to meet or surpass all regulatory requirements. The University strives to foster students' and employees' opportunities and incentives to take responsible action.

This policy recognizes and affirms the dynamic nature of knowledge and concern about the environment, and commits the University to a continuing process of learning, communication, and ethical action.

Prepared by the Environmental Policy Committee, 7/14/92
President's Cabinet Approved, 9/18/92
President's Bulletin, No. 148, 1/27/93