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Policies and Procedures

1.08 Line of Administrative Authority


To establish the line of administrative authority in order to administer university operations in the event of an emergency.

Policy Statement:

In the absence or lack of availability of the President, emergency management authority shall be delegated to the next available individual in the line of administrative authority.  Emergency management priorities are minimizing injuries to personnel and students, minimizing damage to university property and returning to normal operations as soon as possible.


Line of Administrative Authority:

  1. Executive Vice President and Provost
  2. Senior Vice President for Finance and Operations
  3. Vice President for Student Affairs
  4. Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
  5. Assistant Vice President for Administration and Financial Services
  6. Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs

Office of the President, approved January 2014

Policy Review Committee, approved February 20, 2014

President’s Cabinet, approved March 3, 2014

President and Executive Management Team, approved March 4, 2014