1.02 UNI Mission Statement


To reflect the mission statement of the University of Northern Iowa.  

[The following is from the Iowa Administrative Code Section 681-14.1(1).]


Statement of university mission. The University of Northern Iowa at Cedar Falls is recognized as having a mission of sufficient scope to enable it to be a distinguished arts and sciences university with outstanding professional programs in education and business. It provides leadership in the development of programs for the preservice and in-service preparation of teachers and other educational personnel for schools, colleges, and universities. The institution offers undergraduate and graduate programs and degrees in the liberal arts and sciences, including selected areas of technology. It offers preprofessional programs and conducts research and community outreach programs to strengthen the educational, social, cultural, and economic development of Iowa and the larger community. 

It is imperative that the quality of the university's instruction be maintained and enhanced though increasingly strong emphasis on:

(1) General or liberal arts education as the most essential ingredient for the undergraduate student; 

(2) The central importance and complementary relationship of teaching and research; 

(3) Enrichment of instruction through extensive clinical, laboratory and field experiences and through experiential learning, community engagement, and independent study; and

(4) Development of the life of the university community itself as an effective educational force.

In order to serve students of all ages and to be responsive to their needs and preferences and to the needs of society, it is imperative that the university offer a variety of programs in such areas as liberal arts, education, business, social work, and technology. It will offer no major programs in agriculture, architecture, dentistry, engineering, forestry, hospital administration, law, pharmacy, medicine, or veterinary medicine. 

In the area of teacher preparation, the university must remain at the forefront of developments in the field of education and be prepared to offer instruction in new areas required by society. Furthermore, UNI should be more than merely responsive to changing needs and interests of its students and society. It must provide leadership in educational innovations, programs, and research. 

Future programs will be determined by the continuing study of existing programs and of developing needs. Programs will be curtailed or eliminated when the assessment of need and resources indicates that resources could better be devoted to other programs. The university approaches the addition of new programs with considerable caution. Generally, new programs are fashioned out of existing programs in response to developing needs. However, if the university is to remain vital, it must consider at the appropriate time the development of some new programs that fall within its general mission and meet the new needs of students and of society.

Office of University Counsel, approved September 17, 2014
President’s Cabinet, approved October 6, 2014 
President and Executive Management Team, approved October 13, 2014