6.06 Faculty Salaries

Salaries for instructional faculty members are paid in a manner provided by applicable provisions of the Faculty Handbook and UNI policies and procedures. All regular, authorized withholdings from earnings for Social Security, federal and state income tax, health-life insurance programs, retirement plan, charitable contribution, and other ordinary reductions occur with each of the ten (10) salary payments.

Changes in faculty salaries are made only at the regular budget-making period and not at irregular times during the fiscal year, except to correct errors or to honor contingency commitments. An example of a contingency commitment is an offer made to a faculty candidate in April with one salary payable if the terminal professional degree is completed and a lower amount if it is not completed by the time the appointment begins. The factor of additional experience and additional training is taken into account at the time of the annual review of salaries in connection with budget-making, along with other appropriate criteria. A department and a college can make a contingency commitment during the fiscal year to increase a faculty member's salary at budget-making time as a result of change in the experience factor, training level, or other relevant factor. Such a commitment shall be in writing. Salary changes must comply with any relevant provisions of a faculty collective bargaining agreement, Faculty Handbook, and UNI policies and procedures.

Vice-President and Provost