2.03 Termination of, Limitation, or Suspension of Entry into Academic Programs

When an institution expresses a desire to terminate an academic program, it will present its plan to the Board of Regents for approval. If an institution wishes to limit*, suspend, or substantially reduce admission to a program, it should provide that information to the Board in advance of the implementation of the reduction and report back to the Board its intentions with respect to the program. If it has been decided to terminate the program, the institution will then request approval of its intention to terminate after the last student has completed the requirements of the program. If admissions are to be reopened, Board approval will be required. (Board of Regents Minutes, February 20-21, 1980, pp. 387-388; November 18, 1981, pp. 273-274; September 19-20, 1984, p. 86; April 22-23, 1987, pp. 801-803)

* The term "limit" in this policy refers to the formal restriction of admission to a program of a Regent university by establishing a numerical enrollment maximum. It does not include limits placed on admissions to graduate programs, the routine reduction in the number of classes or sections offered due to staffing problems, other changes in curriculum, prerequisite changes, or changes in grade point requirements for retention or graduation.

Regents Procedural Guide, 6.20, pg. VI-30, 5/18/95