12.04 Student Employee Grievance


To provide a process by which grievances by students relative to University employment will be considered and resolved.

Policy Statement

Any University of Northern Iowa student employee who is currently registered at UNI and assigned to the University payroll can initiate a grievance according to the process described below.

A grievance is a difference, complaint, or dispute regarding the interpretation or application of established policies and/or procedures governing terms of employment, working conditions, hours of work or compensation. General wage adjustments are excluded from the grievance procedure.

Employers are responsible to include this policy in any hardcopy Student Employee Handbook or training materials produced by the employing unit. Supervisors are responsible to document and retain records related to any student employment disciplinary actions.

Grievances Arising from Alleged Discrimination

Grievances arising from alleged discrimination on the basis of age, color, creed, disability, ethnicity, gender identity, genetic information, marital status, national origin, political affiliation, pregnancy, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, veteran or military status, or any other protected category under applicable federal, state, or local law are subject to separate procedures. Student employees alleging discrimination should consult immediately with the Office of Compliance and Equity Management, 117 Gilchrist Hall, 319-273-2846.

All Other Grievances

If a student feels aggrieved relative to employment by the University, he/she must meet with the Student Employment Coordinator or designee in the Office of Career Services within 10 business days of the date of any action leading to the alleging of a grievance.

Level 1: Informal

All student employees have a right to meet with the student’s supervisor to address and resolve employment-related complaints of the student. The student employee shall provide a written explanation of their complaint to the supervisor and request a meeting whereupon it is the responsibility of the supervisor to arrange a meeting with the student employee to discuss the grievance. The student employees shall be permitted to provide an oral explanation of his/her grievance at the meeting.

Supervisors are encouraged to resolve the grievance at this level. The supervisor shall communicate his/her decision to the student employee within five business days of the meeting. Failing resolution at Level 1, the student then may initiate a Level 2 grievance. A Level 2 grievance must be initiated no later than 10 business days following communication to the student employee of the supervisor’s decision at Level 1.

Level 2: Formal

The aggrieved student will meet with the Office of Career Services to initiate the formal grievance process at Level 2. The Student Employment Coordinator or designee at the Office of Career Services will communicate the grievance to the student employee’s supervisor’s next level supervisor in writing. The letter will state the grievance and the relief sought, and will include the initial written grievance and any additional written material provided by the student.

The next level supervisor (or designee) will meet with the student within 10 business days of receiving the letter and discuss the grievance. The next level supervisor shall communicate his/her decision on the Level 2 grievance in writing to the student with a copy to the Student Employment Coordinator or designee in the Office of Career Services within 5 business days of the meeting.

Level 3: Grievance Committee

If a Level 2 consideration does not result in resolution of the grievance, the student can initiate a Level 3 grievance to be considered by the Student Employment Grievance Committee which shall be comprised of the Director of Career Services, the Student Employment Coordinator, and a student representative. The committee will investigate the grievance and make a recommendation for resolution to the Dean or Vice President responsible for the unit within which the student is employed.  The Dean or Vice President will make a final determination as to the resolution of the grievance.

A decision at this level is considered the final institutional decision. Any subsequent request for review shall be governed by procedures specified by the Board of Regents and published under the heading "Appeals by Employees to Board of Regents" under 10.01 General Procedures in Board of Regents, State of Iowa Policy Manual.

Other University Policies

13.02 Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct Policy

13.19 Retaliation and Misconduct Reporting Policy

13.15 Accommodations of Disabilities


Office of Career Services, approved February 3, 2015 
Vice President for Student Affairs, approved February 5, 2015  
President’s Cabinet, approved May 19, 2015 
President and Executive Management Team, approved June 1, 2015