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Policies and Procedures

9.53 Data Processing Computer Files

Data Processing receives numerous requests from throughout the University for information contained in the computer files which Data Processing maintains for the University Administrative Offices. The Administrative Officer for whom the files are

maintained has the responsibility for the integrity and confidentiality of the information in the file. If Data Processing is to answer these requests and be sure the respective

Administrative Officers have the opportunity to exercise their responsibility to approve the release of information, it is necessary to define the policy and the procedure for releasing information contained in Data Processing computer files.

Policy for Releasing Information from Administrative File

Data Processing will not release information from computer files without the approval of the specific Administrative Officer for whom the information is maintained.

Procedure for Obtaining Approved Release of Information in Computer Files
  1. The individual seeking information (or Data) will make his/her specific request to the Administrative Officer who is responsible for the information.

  2. If the Administrative Officer approves the individual's request, he/she will attempt to fill the request from information contained in the files located in his/her office. If this is not possible or practical, and if the information can be obtained from Data Processing files, the Administrative Officer will complete sections I, II, and III of the form titled DATA REQUISITION FORM and will forward the form to Data Processing.

  3. Data Processing will review the request and estimate the effort required to service the request and the date the request will be filled. Data Processing will communicate this information to the requesting individual. After all approvals have been obtained, Data Processing will proceed with the efforts, as scheduled, required to provide the service.

President's Bulletin No. 30, 1/15/73