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Policies and Procedures

9.25 Sales of Services and Products

  1. Establishment or conduct of any service shall be limited to services which satisfy one or more of the following conditions:

    1. The service is one peculiar to the nature of the institution and is necessary to the conduct of its educational, research or service programs.
    2. The inclusion of the service in the total activity of the institution will improve the efficiency and economy of the operations.
    3. The provision of the service by the institution will contribute primarily to the convenience, comfort, health, academic, social or recreational life of its students and staff, or others who participate in educational, research or service programs on campus.
    4. The service is not otherwise available in the quantity or quality required nor conveniently available geographically.
  2. No service shall be established or conducted solely for the purpose of profiting from the public sale of services or products. In those instances in which sales of services or products are made to the general public, that service shall be secondary and incidental to the primary functions of the institutions, and the institution shall not seek to advertise or promote for the purpose of increasing volume of general public business. The organizations and corporations affiliated with the institutions shall, in general, conform to these policies.


Board of Regents: June 8-10, 1960; July 14-15, 1960; May 10-11, 1962; August 12-13, 1971