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Policies and Procedures

9.23 Budget Fund Transfer Requests

Budget fund transfer requests are initiated by the administrative person responsible for the budgetary accounts affected. The budget fund transfer request is then routed for approvals through the department head, college dean, division vice-president, and the university budget administrator. The budget administrator will implement the transfer and disperse fully executed copies of the fund transfer request to administrative personnel involved. Fund transfer requests may, if appropriate, accompany requisitions and/or Appointment Authorization Request forms or Personnel Action Forms.

Budgetary department heads may request a transfer of funds between accounts for which they are administratively responsible. However, such fund requests should be within main budget categories (i.e. from other expense to other expense, from equipment to equipment, etc.). Also, fund requests are not permitted between General Operating Fund and other fund accounts (restricted, agency, etc.).

The main budgetary categories as they relate to this policy are as follows:

  • 501 Faculty, Professional/Scientific, Institutional Officials, and Departmental Graduate Student Assistants

  • 502 Graduate Assistants

  • 503 General Service Staff

  • 504 Extra Help and Overtime

  • 505 Extra Help and Overtime

  • 506 Student Assistants

  • 507 Salary Budgeted in Total

  • 508 Fringe Benefits in Salaries and Wages

  • 509 Salary Credits

  • 520 Supplies and Services

  • 560 Equipment

It may on occasion be necessary to transfer funds between budgetary categories. Such transfers require the approval of the Vice-President for Administrative Services.

Budget Fund Transfer Request forms are available in the Office of Budget Administration and Analysis on request. The forms must balance (total increase equals total decrease and contain an explanation of the purpose of the transfer. If the transfer is a permanent transfer, then the box marked "Permanent" must be marked. If the transfer is temporary, the box marked "Temporary" must be annotated and the funds will revert back to their original budgeting source for use in the budget base for future budget developments.

Vice-President for Administrative Services Approved, 1979