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Policies and Procedures

5.14 Merit System Disciplinary Letters

This policy shall apply only to letters of disciplinary actions and shall not affect any performance rating forms. It shall be the policy of the University of Northern Iowa:

  1. That disciplinary actions as determined by the University administration to be valid will be considered an official part of the employee file for a period of one year from date of the infraction.
  2. That after the completion of one year of acceptable performance with regard to the infraction, the document(s) relating to the infraction shall be removed from the employee's personnel folder.
  3. That the written documents relative to the infraction, removed from the files, shall therefore no longer be considered a part of the employee's file and shall not be held against the employee, nor shall such documents be used in any future disciplinary actions.
  4. That if the immediate supervisor, department head, and the Personnel Director deem it appropriate, the written warnings can be removed prior to the conclusion of the one year of satisfactory employment.

This policy shall apply only to correspondence of disciplinary actions, shall not affect any performance rating forms, and shall not take precedence over any Regents Merit System rule regarding the maintenance of personnel files.

Administrative Council